What if you could be invisible? Would you remain moral?
What if you were never moral to begin with?

A fusion of a classic Invisible Man tale and a crime thriller, steeped in Sci-Fi influence. Thomas Taylor is a successful cat burglar, until he isn't...

Set in an approximation of London in the not too distant future, our hero(?) is a thief with a heart of gold, diamonds, art, or anything else that takes his fancy. While stealing a rare stone for his “patron”, Lord Chaundry, a bribed security guard goes turncoat and Taylor’s head ends up on the wrong side of a truncheon. 


I’ve been obsessed with science fiction since I was a little kid devouring Star Trek and reruns of old shows on terrestrial television in Ireland. One of those shows was the old British version of the Invisible Man. Irish TV in the early 90s was bursting with reruns of 50s, 60s and 70s shows, including the ill fated American Invisible man series. I remember peeking through finger, hands clasped over my eyes, as the invisible man unraveled his bandages. 

I’ve wanted to see an Invisible man story told with a bit of humour and with a more modern bend. There’s an old adage about a little red hen, who just does it herself. With this in mind, I set about writing Out of Sight. Futurism in sci-fi has always left me spellbound, and so I wanted to incorporate future science into the story. Nanotechnology is at the forefront of future tech that always seems to be right around the corner, and its possibilities are endless. Imagine nanobots that can embed themselves in your cells and refract the light around you, leaving you invisible to the naked eye. Unscientific? Perhaps. Exciting? Very.

If you’re mesmerised by the possibilities of science and what the future holds, if you like smart-ass anti-heroes, self-referential humour, heist movies, and shady oligarchical conspiracies, then please support our upcoming Kickstarter and help us make this comic a reality!