A fusion of a classic Invisible Man tale and a crime thriller, steeped in Sci-Fi influence. Thomas Taylor is a successful cat burglar, until he isn't...

Set in an approximation of London in the not too distant future, our hero(?) is a cat burglar with a heart of gold, diamonds, art, or anything else that takes his fancy. While stealing a rare stone for his “patron”, Lord Chaundry, a bribed security guard goes turncoat and Taylor’s head ends up on the wrong side of a truncheon.

About us

Nenad Cviticanin - Art & Lettering


Nenad is a talented artist who comes from Serbia. His previous work includes: Best Friend (ComicCollabs Blind Date winner), Slate (2016) and many more.

Joe Griffin - Colouring


Joseph Griffin is a colourist and illustrator based in Cork, Ireland. He has had work published with Turncoat Press, Lightning Strike and others.

Patrick Hammond - Story

https://www.twitter.com/paddywords Patrick writes stories, songs and poems, and loves comics most of all. His previous work includes: Best Friend (ComicCollabs Blind Date winner) and Star Jump, a webcomic.

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